Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rare $1/2 Lay's coupon, plus Rite Aid scenario!

Hurry here and print off this new and extremely rare $1/2 Lay's potato chips coupon, valid for 7 ounces or larger. The coupon does state "Redeemable at Stater Brothers". What that means is that you can use it at any store, because it is a manufacturer's coupon; it suggests the use of the coupon at Stater Brothers.
Here's a Rite Aid scenario for this week:
Buy 2 = $6.00
Use the $1/2 coupon found here
Pay $5, Get back a $1 +UP reward (limit 2)
Plus, get back the equivalent of $1.50 from Buy & Earn*
Final cost: $2.50 for 2, or $1.25 each!

*What is Buy & Earn? It's this program, where if you spend $100-$200 on qualifying products**, you get back up to $50 in +UP rewards, until March 1st.
Spend $100, get back a $15 +UP
Spend an additional $50 (Total of $150), get back an additional $15 +UP
Spend an additional $50 (Total of $200), get back an additional $20 +UP
Basically, if you spend the full $200, you're getting 25% back in +UP rewards for each qualifying item. Here's how you calculate it: 0.25x=y, where x represents the cost of the item before any discounts except for sales or bronze, silver, or gold discounts. The y represents the equivalent of  +UP rewards.

**Click here for a list of qualifying products.

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