Saturday, November 9, 2013

$3 Moneymaker at Walgreens!

(Photo credit, Mojo Savings)

Click here for the video!
Side note: The cashier at the pharmacy counter said that "one coupon per purchase" means "one coupon per transaction", which is not true. I've experienced this issue a few times already. Once, I had a coupon that said "one coupon per person per purchase", or something like that, and I said that to the cashier, and she said that "one coupon per purchase" meant one per item, just like all us couponers know. She told us we can use all the coupons in one transaction, regardless of the limit. The Nature Maid coupon's only restriction was "one coupon per purchase". Since he works at the pharmacy counter, he was probably not educated on that topic. Then, he said he would do it "only this time". So, I did get my deal, but I did have this not very good experience. The first 7 coupons scanned fine, just the 8th one beeped.
Have you experienced something like this?
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